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How to interpret my Birth-horoscope

Chinese Astrology relies on the sign of the day, in contrast to Western interpretation, as the starting point from birth. For here, in conjunction with the ongoing season and the other signs, the vitality and life-force are assessed and addressed. To discover one's personal signs for Year, month, day and hour of birth, one has to calculate with a Chinese calendar. Of course you can submit these data to us by e-mail. Within short notice, you will receive your birth-signs back, and you can commence interpretation. Of course we are very discreet with your data. The old saying: "Do not do upon others, what you would not do to yourself" applies here. No data will ever be submitted to third-parties. We believe wholeheartedly in individual space and privacy, and just want to encourage the reader to mirror her/his birth in conjunction with this natural, age-old astrological source. This is, in anticipation of further publications to follow, fascinating to watch how the combination of birthday in relationship to the other signs were to be interpreted. How from these data influences were named is riveting "food for thought" because this "Kyrillian photograph" of Life is shot from a different corner altogether. In times forlorn often at birth it was known which influences would play a part in one's life, and also with which energy she or he would reflect that in their lives. This can turn out both positive or negative, it does in no way demean the power of this knowledge. In Chinese Astrology, much like modern daily life, it is also about money too. Which is not strange, if you think that this wisdom was an important tool in agricultural planning?

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